BigQueryIntegration Objects

class BigQueryIntegration(GraiIntegrationImplementation)

BigQuery integration.


  • connector - The BigQuery connector


def __init__(source: SourceV1,
             version: Optional[str] = None,
             namespace: Optional[str] = None,
             project: Optional[str] = None,
             dataset: Optional[Union[str, List[str]]] = None,
             credentials: Optional[str] = None,
             log_parsing: Optional[bool] = False,
             log_parsing_window: Optional[int] = 7)

Initializes the BigQuery integration.


  • source - The Grai data source to associate with output from the integration. More information about source objects is available in the grai_schemas library.
  • version - The Grai data version to associate with output from the integration
  • namespace - The Grai namespace to associate with output from the integration
  • project - GCP project id
  • dataset - BigQuery Dataset Id, or multiple datasets seperated by a comma (,)
  • credentials - JSON credentials for service account
  • log_parsing - The number of days to read logs


def nodes() -> List[SourcedNode]

Return nodes from the connector.


def edges() -> List[SourcedEdge]

Return edges from the connector.


def get_nodes_and_edges() -> Tuple[List[SourcedNode], List[SourcedEdge]]

Return nodes and edges from the connector.


def ready() -> bool

Check if the connector is ready to be used.