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Flat File

The Flat File integration is used to upload a single flat file (like csv, parquet, and feather) into the data lineage graph.

Web App


sourceThe name of the source, see sourcesmy-source
NamespaceNamespace for the connection, see namespacesdefault

Python Library

The dbt integration can be run as a standalone python library to extract data lineage from flat files like csv and parquet.

The library is available via pip

pip install grai_source_flat_file

More information about the API is available here.


The library is split into a few distinct functions but if you only wish to extract nodes/edges you can do so as follows:

  from grai_source_flat_file import FlatFileIntegration
  from grai_schemas.v1.source import SourceV1
  source = SourceV1(name="my-source", type="my-type")
  integration = FlatFileIntegration(source=source, namespace="dbt", file_name="/path/to/file.csv")
  nodes, edges = integration.get_nodes_and_edges()