Introduction to Grai

Data lineage finally made simple. Grai is the open source solution that makes it easy to understand how data relates across databases, warehouses, APIs and dashboards.

You can even check before merging PRs that changes aren't going to break your data pipelines. And its open-source.

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Or just get going!

git clone https://github.com/grai-io/grai-core.git
cd grai-core/examples/deployment/docker-compose/minimal
docker compose up

Welcome to Grai

Grai is an open-source and self-hosted Data Lineage Platform, with a cloud hosted offering. Designed and built for collaboration, Grai allows you to pick and choose the best data governance, observability, and reliability tools for your organization without sacrificing a single unified lineage model.

  • Pre-built integrations. Automatically synchronize lineage from across the stack so your metadata is never out of date.
  • Centralized data tests. Write data validation tests which run whenever upstream data sources change.
  • Integrated with GitHub. Run data validation tasks as part of your CI/CD process to test changes everywhere you data is used. No coordination meetings required.
  • Your data, your cloud. Grai is fully open-source and self-hosted. You maintain full control over your data and hosting environment.

Quick Start Guide

Start managing your metadata and testing your pipelines in three easy steps here. We walk through how to:

  • Launch Grai server
  • Using integrations for each of your data sources
  • Update your server with source metadata

This quickstart guide assumes a local installation, but Grai can be installed anywhere. Or come and explore (opens in a new tab) on the cloud.


Grai is fully featured with all the out-of-the-box tools you need to get started including integrations for common databases, warehouses and ETL tools.

Web App

Grai's Web App offers an easy to use web interface and is available open-source or as part of the cloud-hosted platform.