Grai Server


The Grai Server component is the core of the Grai platform. It tracks the state of your data dependency graph, and executes jobs as needed to keep your data up to date. With it you can schedule jobs like integration syncs to run on a regular basis, or trigger them manually. It also tracks testing events called from your CI integrations.

In addition to core data tracking the server backs both a REST and GraphQL API and provides an admin console through which you can manage users on your Grai instance.


Grai relies on the following background services.

You'll find the default admin login credentials below but these should be changed immediately in a production setting.

password: super_secret


For self-hosted users, the admin page can be accessed under the /admin route on your Grai instance. For a default installation this would be localhost:8000/admin. It is password protected and only accessible by superusers.

The Settings page provides more information about configuring your own superuser but the default credentials are:

password: super_secret