Great Expectations

Great Expectations

The Great Expectations integration uses OpenLineage to collect and send metadata to Grai. Complete documentation for integrating OpenLineage with Great Expectations can be found here (opens in a new tab).

Web App

You'll also need to create a new Grai source in the web app. You can create a generic OpenLineage integration by selecting the OpenLineage source type.

Great Expectations Integration


sourceThe name of the source, see sourcesGreat Expectations
NameName for connectionproduction
NamespaceNamespace for the connection, see namespacesdefault



In order to authenticate your webhook, you will need to create an API key in the Grai web app.

Grai will open an endpoint at /api/v1/openlineage/<connection_id>/ which can be used to receive OpenLineage events.

The official OpenLineage docs (opens in a new tab) have more information on how to configure your instance to send OpenLineage events to Grai. However, you can use these values to finish your configuration:

An example config:

OPENLINEAGE_URL -<connection_id>/
OPENLINEAGE_API_KEY - "<your_grai_api_key>"

If you're self-hosting Grai, you'll need to replace the URL with your own instance.