Grai Actions

Grai Actions

Shared Fields

All actions share some common fields listed below.


api-keynoYour Grai API key.
grai-usernoYour Gri username.
grai-passwordnoYour Gri password.
workspacenoYour Grai workspace name

You must provider either api-key or grai-user and grai-password. If you're account is associated with multiple workspaces and you're using username/password authentication you must also provide your desired workspace.

Other Parameters

namespaceyesThe Grai namespace for the connection
client-hostnoapi.grai.ioHostname for the api of your Grai instance.
client-portnoPort for the api of your Grai Instance.
grai-frontend-hostnohttps://app.grai.io (opens in a new tab)The URL for your frontend instance of Grai. This might include a port depending on your configuration
actionnotestsWhich action to perform. Can be tests or update
github-tokenno${{github.token}}The GITHUB_TOKEN secret for your repository